What is a Doctor App?

Doctor App is a customizable personalized smartphone (iPhone and Android) Application (App). The Doctor App is a customized application that your patients and referring doctors load onto their smartphone for FREE from the App Store or Market.After the patient downloads your Doctor App onto their phone, your name and practice logo will appear on your patient's smartphone screen.

Why Do I Need Doctor App?

Having the Doctor App will enhance your education and marketing/branding efforts for a very small cost compared to your current efforts. WOW Factor: Signage in the waiting area. Impressive, cool and makeS the patients feel you are on the cutting edge. Also makes them think if this doctor is on the cutting edge in technology he/she is also on the cutting edge in medicine. A little WOW goes a long way in impressing your patient. Consider the widespread use of smartphones and tablets .The astounding growth of this market segment indicates how much consumers are using their mobile devices to make decisions, purchase services and conduct their personal business: 1. In 2011, Ingenex Digital Marketing reported that mobile commerce increased by 91% over 2010 usage. 2. Mobile Commerce Daily predicts mobile commerce will increase another 71% to reach $11.6 billion in sales. In 2011, more Kindles and Nooks were sold than books. A lot of patients read their iPad or tablet while waiting in the office, rather than a magazine or book. Most of my patients when asked what kind of phone do you use, answer was of course a smartphone. These patients will be impressed by the Doctor App and are going to use it too.

What are the Top Reasons that Doctor App will benefit my practice?

Doctor App allows you to connect, communicate and educate your patients and referring doctors in a easy to use interface which is free to them. Push Notification. The ability to communicate with your patients directly on their mobile device rather than calling them (which most people don’t like) or emailing them which may take a few hours before they get the message. Push notification informs your patients about openings in your schedule or a special offer you want to pass on short notice (25% off Botox or teeth cleaning today) or a campaign you want to initiate (50% off for the first 5 callers). Ability to announce a new hire or a new technology or a seminar you are arranging, push notification gives you the ability to instantly and directly communicate with patients. Contact Your Office for phone/location/office hours. This is an efficiency tool for both the patient and your office. The ability for the patient to Click and drive to your office using directions from Google maps or click and call your office make it efficient and convenient for the patient to contact with your office or arrive at their appointments on time. For the front desk staff this means fewer calls to answer about I am lost or how to get to the office. The patient can just use these functions to keep their appointments in a timely fashion. Also the office hours function will inform your patients on what day and what times you are available in a particular office, reducing phone calls to your office. Patient Education Articles & Tips. Save your office time and paper, and save your patients time, too, with educational information right in the App. Build a whole library of information you place right at your patients fingertips, and also in context with your practice. what a wonderful way to emphasize that you are the best source of health care information. Patient Education Videos. Did you know that YouTube is the number two search engine in the world? People love video, which makes it the top training tool of our time. You can offer video to patients via the Doctor App, providing accurate health information in the format they prefer. Social Media Campaign. Are you struggling with how to enter the world of social media? Do you worry about control of content? Do you want to deliver educational material to your patients? Take the first step with a hybrid solution and place your first stake in the ground as you foray into the world of social media. Start with an App and then build around it later as you ramp into Facebook or LinkedIn or other social media initiatives. With the App you can control the content and delivery of information without the worry of what is being posted to your forum. Tie this into push notification that Doctor App offers and watch as your patients comment on your technology savvy. Clinical Trials. These days more and more practices engage in clinical research. The benefits include: A greater awareness of cutting-edge therapies and the ability to access new treatments . A new and/or increased patient base that seeks access to state-of-the-art science and treatments only available through clinical trials; Increased opportunity to consult with experts in the field, and the chance to be a source for a second opinion; Greater access to limited-institution trial treatment options for your patients; Participants in clinical trials benefit by the ability for them to play a more active role in their own health care, gain access to new research treatments before they are widely available, and help others by contributing to medical research. Through the Doctor App, the practice can demonstrate and advertise the ongoing clinical trials at your practice. Once the patient learns about these trials they have the opportunity to contact the study coordinator via the contact button directly from the App. This allows the ability to increase recruitment in a more efficient manner using your own personalized Doctor App. Customizable Icons. Want to paste your postop or preop instructions? Want to give a patient a space to ask for contacts? Maybe you have a specific idea that you want to title an icon inside the App. Doctor App has build a customizable icon that you can title and enter custom text into. Add flexibility to your investment and have a real-time ability to edit the title or information in the custom icon. Refer a friend. With your branded logo or picture on someone’s mobile phone, it is likely they will be thinking of you often. Why not take advantage of the ability for your patient to refer their friend in real-time while they are thinking about it? With 2-3 clicks they can refer their friend and provide a name and phone number. Think about your patient sitting at the dinner table and their friend just noticed that they are not wearing their glasses maybe because they just had cataract surgery or LASIK. The patient informs their friend that their doctor has an app. Right there they will refer their friend for a consultation and their friend can download your app as well (How cool is that). This would definitely send the message that you are the doctor on the cutting edge and thus your techniques be it cataract surgery, LASIK or cosmetic surgery are cutting edge as well. Request to Make or Change an Appointment. Frustrated by no shows? Ever wonder why people no show? Maybe it’s too inconvenient to call. Maybe they don’t want to be questioned on why they are changing. It still results in an empty slot in your schedule. If patients could confidently and willingly let you know they will be missing their appointment, it would allow you to maximize revenue by placing another patient into that slot. Appointment Reminder. What if a patient could program their cell phone to alert them when it was time to come see you. How about if your practice could program someone’s cell to beep a week or a day before the appointment? Well, Doctor App has functionality to program reminders inside your branded App to do just that. Medication Reminder. Compliance with medications borders on 50-60% in many cases. Do you just forget or fall asleep? Doctor App has the answer to this program by enabling a patient to have the phone beep and remind the patient to take their medication each day at a specified time. Use this powerful technology tool to improve compliance rates. Analyze your ROI. How many people look at your yellow page ads? How many people hear your radio spot or see those direct mailings?. Jump into the new age of technology and reach people via notification and your own App for a fraction of the cost you are paying now. Stop throwing your marketing dollars away on old media and join your colleagues who have already developed an App. Don’t be the last to embrace new technology, be on the front side and take all its advantages and be a first mover. Know exactly in real-time how many people have downloaded your App. Still want to guess with your traditional media? Or do you want to know using new technology? Practice Branding. What if there were way to put your practice logo or your face in front of your patient on a daily basis? Build an App and brand your practice on your patients’ phones. With as much time as people are spending on their phones, have them look at your icon and App on a daily basis. Reach beyond the office visit and have them interacting with your office on a daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. Each contact is one more interaction they otherwise would not have. Overall Practice Marketing. There’s no reason why the Doctor App can’t become the keystone of your practice marketing effort. Comprehensive practice information, direct scheduling of appointments, patient recall and reminders, health care articles, tips and videos, direct notification of appointment openings, events and specials - all combined with the wherever/whenever convenience of a smartphone. This is a classic win-win for doctor and patient. Portal for referrals. Your referring doctors prefer to have a direct portal to refer patients, rather than be on hold as they try to schedule a patient. Maybe your assistant has to be on hold and waste her time, too. Eliminate it all and show your referring docs how simple it can be to refer and inform you about the patients they are sending. With a few clicks, brand your practice into their minds by offering a simple and efficient referral tool.

What are the steps to Build the App?

visit: www.yourdoctorapp.com or and click on purchase App Doctor purchases the App. Doctor will login to the Content Management System (CMS) with the automatically provided link and their user name and password. Doctor populates their CMS with their information, this information is editable on the go. Doctor will also populate the App details (this information is not editable once submitted). When Doctor is satisfied with the initial content (Can be edited or changed later) and App details (cannot be modified once submitted) they compile the app by clicking on the link under CMS. Cloud Nine Development will submit the App to the app store typically within two weeks, as long as all the information submitted is completed On App approval the company will release the app on the store and inform the doctor (Apple typically takes 10-14 days for an App approval).. The doctor can distribute and advertise the Ato be downloaded for free to the end user.

Can I get help populating Doctor App ?

Doctor App has an easy to use interface to customize your app. However we have partnered with industry leaders Patient Education Concepts, Inc who can help create, populate and enhance your content on Doctor App. Please contact: Robert Watson Patient Education Concepts, Inc. 14614 Falling Creek, Suite 210 Houston, Texas 77068 Phone: (281) 583-5577(281) 583-5577 (281) 583-5577(281) 583-5577 & (800) 436-9126(800) 436-9126 (800) 436-9126(800) 436-9126 Fax: (281) 583-0590 Email: Robertw@patientedconcepts.com Websitewww.patientedconcepts.com